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Bulk Logistics Coordinators Intern

The Programme 

In this position, the incumbent will be accountable to organize transportation activities, manage information accrued from point of origin to delivery, orchestrate transportation movements and arrange for services as required. He/she will perform ongoing evaluation and review of transportation arrangements for constant improvement opportunities. He/She will ensure the product reaches the destinations safely, securely, and on-time.

What You Will Do 

  • Review customers' demands and plan accordingly. Manage demand and share demand with Source location (loading points).  
  • Plans and coordinates bulk products delivery channels, by determining the required quantities based on the Dalia System information and forecast quantities to organize delivery assignments to vehicles in optimizing trips.  
  • Review levels and any urgent requests.  
  • Check the standby information.  
  • Check critical customer information on emails, standby numbers, etc.  
  • Review the previous day’s plan. 
  • Takes and creates orders in the system for on-call customer deliveries and liaises with customers for specific logistical issues.  
  • Open the planning tool (ALTO) and check alarms or urgent triggers in the planning tool (ALTO).  
  • Ensure all critical customers are checked.  
  • Review tankers positions with the transporter/s.  
  • Validates and confirms the driver's trips, and verifies the accuracy of the information.  
  • Check for delays and deviations.  
  • Make adjustments accordingly and add deliveries to the current plan.  
  • Update delivered quantities to the plan and start a plan for the following day.  
  • Add daily planning meetings.  
  • Start planning using the planning tool (ALTO) for the following day (update levels, check levels, check customers' orders etc.). 
  • Check intermediate storage levels.  
  • Create and print documents for the transporter.  
  • Continue reviewing the current plan with transporters and check any impact.  
  • Attend afternoon meetings with transporters  and other customers.  
  • Handover the plan to the transporter.  
  • Provides transporters with the planned route with all documentation related to the travel, including the loading and unloading points and the order in which they must be reached after. 
  • Finally validating the trips upon return in the system before sending it for invoicing.  
  • Maintains the database and identifies incoherent information to assume the reliability and good quality of the data returned.  
  • Plans the necessary time periods for their preventive maintenance and the legal inspection and respects transportation of dangerous goods regulations.  
  • Keeps informed of the vehicles maintenance program planned by Dispatch Manager to plan deliveries with available trucks.  
  • Ensures the enforcement of AL’s safety and quality standards. 
  • Perform standby duties and actions all requests from customers and drivers post working hours accordingly.  
  • Answers the alarms transmitted by Dalia system and reacts accordingly and ensures live reporting of tanker tracking and reports accordingly.  
  • Approve and report deviations to schedule upon shift change and close shipments and action stock reconciliations (gains and losses for scrapping) to report on daily tank stock levels.  
  • Manage and improve logistics KPIs.  
  • Improve fleet utilization and distribution network.  
  • Participate in continuous improvement projects.  
  • Continue to improve the planning tool and identify improvement opportunities. 

Required Skills and Abilities 

  • Diploma/Degree in Engineering (Industrial or Chemical), Production Management or Supply Chain qualification. 
  • Planning and managing transporters 1-2 years' experience. 
  • Experience in MRP system/Logistics Planning system 1-2 years. 
  • Supply chain management/ road transportation 1-2 years. 
  • Know how to establish work plans, to efficiently allocate or make use of available resources, act according to plans and establish priorities. 
  • Knowledge in supply chain management (logistics, route planning, tracking and systems). 
  • Initiating Action - Taking prompt action to accomplish work goals; taking action to achieve results beyond what is required; being proactive. 
  • Adaptable - Anticipating and dealing with a changing environment - Anticipating changes in business, in the economy and within the professional environment. 
  • Self-control: Remains calm and efficient in conflict or crisis situations, resolves problems efficiently without causing anxiety to others, reacts positively to major changes. 
  • Promoting and Achieving Safety - Responsibility to ensure that Safety and Security are seen as imperatives for the Group. 
  • Performance and Responsibility - Action to manage all changes or to mitigate the uncertainties occurring as a result of change to achieve the Group's objectives. 
  • Problems solving - Ability to work on complex problems and identify and implement solutions. 
  • Negotiation skills - Ability to communicate well with customers and manage deliveries accordingly. 
Closing in 6 hours
Closing in 6 hours
  • Job type:Internships
  • Disciplines:

    Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Citizenships:

  • Locations:

    South Africa (South

  • Closing Date:23rd Oct 2021, 6:00 pm


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