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Business Analysis and Research Specialist

The Programme 

We provide our users with many channels to find and share information. In addition to our core web search product, we power many popular community-based products, such as Baidu PostBar, the world’s first and largest Chinese-language query-based searchable online community platform, Baidu Knows, the world’s largest Chinese-language interactive knowledge-sharing platform, and Baidu Encyclopedia, the world’s largest user-generated Chinese-language encyclopedia, to name but a few.

Beyond these marquee products we also offer dozens of helpful vertical search-based products, such as Maps, Image Search, Video Search, News Search, and many more. We power these through our cutting-edge technology, continually innovating to enhance these services. Our new Box Computing Open Platform brings users deep-linked content and even applications they can use directly through their search box. 

Baidu continues to innovate to meet Internet users' increasingly diverse tastes. With our goal of best serving the needs of our users and customers with intelligent and relevant solutions, we look forward to a robust future. 


  • 协调、组织、制定AI商业化三年战略规划,以及每年的战略滚动规划/研究工作 
  • 开展行业产业、上下游产业链、商业模式、业务方向等方面研究,根据内外部环境变化提出发展建议 
  • 深入了解和分析重点业务方向,研究行业竞争格局与商业模式,推动生态构建,为业务机会提供分析支持 
  • 负责引入外部行业研究资源,例如咨询公司、科研院所、智库等 
  • 建立内部对市场趋势、前瞻机会的研究体系,能够产出研究报告 
  • 业务分析:多维度业务数据分析,可独立针对专题需求开展分析执行、规律洞察、结论提炼等工作,给出完整分析报告、推动业务改进 
  • 数据建设:基于业务需要,搭建/完善数据分析体系
  • 外部研究:例行跟踪行业/竞品产品商业产品动态,辅助业务及产品策略制定 

Required Skills and Abilities 

  • 本科及以上学历 
  • 业务逻辑能力强,有战略思想、创新思维 
  • 有资深的战略规划背景,并有较强的战略研究、分析、判断、规划和协调能力 
  • 对AI领域有一定的认知与见解,有着丰富的To B经验 
  • 优秀的沟通能力,有优秀英语沟通能力者更佳 
  • 有麦肯锡、波士顿、贝恩、埃森哲等公司战略(行业)研究工作经验者可优先考虑 
  • 具有计算机、网络等技术背景者可优先考虑 
  • 有银行、能源、保险、民航等行业背景者可优先考虑 
  • 热爱互联网行业,熟悉并善于收集分析行业动态、市场情况和竞品相关信息 
  • 熟练使用PPT、Excel等各类办公软件 
  • 对数据有敏感度,有较强的逻辑分析、归纳和总结能力 
  • 具备快速学习能力和领悟力,有一定的战略思维及创新思维 
  • 优秀的口头和书面沟通表达能力,心态积极进取 
  • 自我驱动能力强,抗压性强、勇于开拓,具备高度的责任心 

Closed 24 days ago
Closed 24 days ago
  • Job type:Graduate Jobs
  • Disciplines:

    Business and Commerce, Data Science and

  • Citizenships:

  • Locations:

    Beijing (China)

  • Closing Date:17th Mar 2021, 6:00 pm


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