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As a leading banking group in Hong Kong, we continue to nurture our future leaders and talent through offering our Management Trainee Programme. We provide continuous learning opportunities, support and guidance to our trainees to ensure that they acquire the required skill sets in their future positions. Meanwhile, they bring in dynamism and fresh ideas to the Group.

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Past Bank of China Graduate Hiring Statistics

If you’re interested in working at Bank of China, understanding when they have opened up applications for their graduate programs, graduate jobs and internships is helpful knowledge to have so you know when you might need to apply. Use the below information to see when Bank of China hires graduates, but more importantly what graduate degree’s and other student attributes they target for their jobs.


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    Past Bank of China Graduate Jobs

    Check out some of Bank of China's past jobs they have posted on GradConnection over the last 12 months. Understanding the details about what a graduate employer is looking for well before applications have opened can sometimes be the edge you need to secure your first graduate program.

    Bank of China


    Serve a designated portfolio of accounts in the Commercial Banking business segment. Develop the portfolio by prospecting new clients, cross selling and offering suitable corporate banking services to existing customers.


    Graduate Jobs


    Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

    Bank of China


    We are determined to offer extensive learning and long-term career development opportunities to the GBA Trainees. Within the first 18 months from commencement, GBA Trainees will undergo on-the-job training in the GBA Mainland cities for a certain period in adherence to the requirements of GBAYES.


    Graduate Jobs


    Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

    Bank of China


    Responsible for development and support of the bank application systems, including web application systems and Mobile App systems. Support the analytics data model maintenance and perform data analysis to support business objectives.


    Graduate Jobs


    Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

    Bank of China


    We will provide a six-month job and learning opportunity for 2019 and 2020 university graduates who are passionate in developing their career in the banking sector. Trainees with good performance might have the chances to be hired for other positions within the Bank after the training period.


    Graduate Jobs


    Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

    Bank of China (HK) Management Trainee Programme

    Bank of China

    Bank of China (HK) Management Trainee Programme

    As a leading banking group in Hong Kong, we continue to nurture our future leaders and talent through offering our Management Trainee Programme. We provide continuous learning opportunities, support and guidance to our trainees to ensure that they acquire the required skill sets in their future positions. Meanwhile, they bring in dynamism and fresh ideas to the Group.

    Our well-structured programme with flexibility in career preference allows you to start off your own career path. Act now to learn more about our MT Programme.

    Programme Overview

    Bank of China (HK) offers a promising career path to outstanding university graduates through our Management Trainee Programme. Established in 2006, our Management Trainee ( "MT" ) Programme aims to nurture high-calibre individuals to become future leaders who are ready to take up challenges and excel in any parts of our business. Our 24-month MT Programme provides you with business segment focused training, which enables you to develop understanding of our business.

    Programme Structure

    Our MT Programme comprises a wide array of focused lectures, on-the-job training, rotational training, short-term secondment to Bank of China’s overseas or Mainland branches, and executive shadowing. We also provide ongoing mentoring, buddy guidance and performance coaching to help Management Trainees develop the required skill sets.


    1. Final year university students graduating in the summer of 2015 or bachelor's degree holder with at least upper second honours (or equivalent), master's degree holder preferred
    2. Less than three years' work experience
    3. Possess excellent organisational and planning competence, strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as outstanding analytical and leadership qualities
    4. Dynamic, self-motivated, passionate and commitment to excellence
    5. A good team player
    6. Proficient in both English and Chinese. Fluency in Mandarin is an advantage

    JOIN US!

    Get more information on the Management Trainee Programme and submit your application online at: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Management Trainee Programme

    Application Deadline
    30 November 2014

    Management Trainee Programme

    Bank of China

    Management Trainee Programme

    Established in 2006, our Management Trainee ( "MT" ) Programme aims to nurture high-calibre individuals to become future leaders who are ready to take up challenges and excel in any parts of our businesses. Ten years down the road, MTs who joined us in early years have evolved as subject matter experts and key individuals running their teams. Positioned as the cradle of leaders, we are determined to invest considerable amount of resources into our MTs and MT alumni, through the provision of multi-facets of developmental opportunities to facilitate their ever-learning total experiences and pave the promising career path; in retrospect, injecting spirits with drive and innovation to the Bank.

    Programme Structure

    Shed light from the characteristics of our different segments, our 18-month MT Programme provides you with business segments focused trainings, which enables you to grow understanding of our business. It comprises a wide array of focused lectures, on-the-job training, job rotation and overseas exposure. We also provide ongoing mentoring, performance coaching to help Management Trainees develop the required skill sets. You will entitle early responsibilities and face challenges in driving various projects across departments to broaden your horizon and build your own networks.

    Training and Development

    Orientation: 2 weeks

    The orientation in the first 2 weeks upon commencement of the Programme encompasses both classroom training and action-based learning. This session gives you an overview of the Bank's structure, corporate culture and regulatory requirements. You will also have a chance to gain insights into our businesses, strategies as well as features of our products and services through social learning with business heads.

    Job Rotation: 17 months

    Job rotation is an essence of our MT Programme. This offers you an exposure to the Bank's front-office banking businesses as well as the middle- and back-office support units. During the process, you can take an active role in indicating your rotation preferences. Our ultimate goal is to offer you a better understanding of our end-to-end service chain, help you to establish working relationships and network which will lay a solid foundation for your long-term success. 

    • 10 months: Reinforce familiarization towards various teams within the designated segment which you belongs to
    • 4 months: Intensify your expertise in 2 or more functional departments that are closely related to your designated segment
    • 3 months: Engage with our customers at the branches to be familiarized with the operation workflow.

    Overseas exposure: 2 weeks

    You will be offered a valuable opportunity to second to the Parent Bank and SEA, which is a challenging business environment to help you build a wide working network for future career development and deepen the understanding of overseas financial markets.

    Mentoring and Support

    We believe coaching will help spread your wings. Throughout the 18-month, a senior business executive will assign as your mentor to help envision your future establishment by providing guidance on your career and personal development. He/She will also give you an overview of the Bank's business strategy and assistance in developing your confidence. During the course of rotation, experienced leaders will also act as a line mentor to provide you with technical sharing and constructive feedback in helping you to grasp the essence for development.

    In addition, experienced HR Managers will offer regular coaching sessions for you to ensure your holistic and solid development. Regular assessment sessions will be conducted to evaluate your performance.

    Professional Qualifications

    You will be assisted and encouraged to attain related professional qualifications.


    Upon completion of the MT Programme, placement decision will be made by taking into account your preference, feedback from your mentor, availability of the position and our bank’s overall human resources strategy. 

    Career Path

    Upon completion of Programme, you will be granted on-going supervision for sustainable development at our Bank. Managerial positions will be offered to those who have successfully completed the Programme and demonstrated leadership potential. Over the course of time, Bank of China (HK) has in place a well-established and comprehensive talent management system for our staff. We are committed to continuously enhancing our staff’s professionalism and unleashing the potential for sustainable success.

    Application Deadline

    13 Novemeber 2016

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    Graduate programme

    Bank of China

    Graduate Programme

    Established in 2013, potential talents who graduate from tertiary institutions around the world are sought after in joining our Graduate Programme. To better response to the fast-changing financial market landscape that is intricated with tightened regulatory requirements, and advanced technological advancements, a Graduate Programme that embeds the overarching developmental strategies and talent development philosophies of the Bank shall mark the successes of our potential calibers. Young talents who get on board will set off their career journeys through receiving a six-month integrative training that focuses on the personal banking segment. With adequate foundational knowledge, competencies, and experiences accumulated, these talents shall evolve to become professionals in various departments.

    Programme Structure

    To craft clear career development blueprint of yours, we have divided our Bank’s businesses into various segments. You may easily indicate 1-2 departments that specifically interest you in your application. Upon passing all assessments and interviews, we would suggest the departments that best fit you by considering your background, interview performance and the your traits that are observed and known by us.

    Sowing seeds in the six-month integrative training on personal banking, you will have a concrete understanding of bank operations. These foundational exposures shall grow your capabilities in shouldering greater responsibilities and conquering challenges, and thus give sprout to your future success in becoming a bank professional in your designated department.

    Training and Development

    Orientation and Classroom Training: One-month intensive classroom training offers you solid understanding of the banking industry, you can get familiarized with our personal banking business development strategy, organization structure, product knowledge, customer facing techniques and also the regulatory requirements.

    Branch Familiarization: During the second month to sixth month of the Programme, you will exert yourself in frontline diversity which comprises of rotations across various positions. Stepping out from campus, you will build hands on experience through job rotation at one of our branches. The mass retail exposures would deepen your understanding in our banking products, customer segments and service model, of which they evolve as fundamentals of your future development.

    Professional Development: By then, you would have joined the Bank for six months. Having accumulated much knowledge and deepened your understanding towards the Bank’s strategies, it is the right time for you to reintegrate to your designated department. New team means new learning platform. Apart from receiving another round of trainings, you are expected to make good use of the previous exposures gained as the springboard, to develop yourself to be a business specialist in the industry.

    Career Coacher

    During the 6-month integrative training, your Branch Manager shall assist in facilitating your branch adaptation and the understanding of branch management.

    During your attachment of designated department, our experienced on-the-job mentors shall evaluate your performance to support personal development thereafter.

    Career path

    Upon completion of Programme, it is the right time for you to reintegrate to your designated department, to develop yourself to be a business specialist in the industry. Bank of China (HK) has in place a well-established and comprehensive talent management system for our staff. We are committed to continuously enhancing our staff’s professionalism and unleashing the potential for sustainable success.

    Application Deadline

    13 Novemeber 2016

    Clcik to Apply

    Know more about Bank of China (HK)

    Bank of China

    Strategic Directions

    Regional Expansion

    Grasping “going global” opportunities and the purchase of SEA assets from Bank of China (“Bank of China (HK)”) marks the critical step for our regional expansion. To foster development and expansion, we will be investing more efforts and resources to drive business success in the region.

    Diversified Business Platforms

    Having identified eight major business platforms that accelerate our future growth, through service enhancements, introduction of new products, business process optimization, and departmental collaboration, we are determined to provide comprehensive wealth management services to our customers.

    Branch Network Transformation

    Leveraging the strength of running the largest branch network in HK, we transformed the entire network to drive business integration of SME and personal banking businesses, endeavored to enhance the service quality and profitability.

    Internet Finance

    Having established own e-finance centre and steadfastly conducted cross-channel cooperation with Bank of China (HK), synergies were well paid-off. In the application of new technologies, we initiated Big Data platform and research into biometrics authentication technology and QR-code based payment applications. Also, our cooperation with crossborder e-commerce and third-party payment companies are currently underway.

    Experience Sharing


    Kenny Yeung
    Senior Business Strategy Manager
    Global Corporate Banking Department
    Management Trainee 2008

    Attitude and Problem Solving Competencies are the Key Successful Factors

    Being optimistic towards China’s growth potential, I have decided to join Bank of China (HK)’s Graduate Programme (was called the “Officer Trainee Programme”) when I graduated. With two years’ hard work, I was nominated to join the Management Trainee Programme (MT), and am very excited to have become one of the representatives in the Standing General Meeting with the Deputy Chief Executive of the Bank, which is far beyond my expectation.

    Being the Bank’s Management Trainee has meant a lot to me – I enjoyed plentiful of learning opportunities, particularly I could join some remarkable projects of the bank, like the launch of offshore RMB businesses. From 2009 onwards, the launch of the offshore RMB policy has brought tremendous amount of opportunities to the market, but at the same time, a lot of challenges did come along. Indeed, it was a brand new business, and there weren’t any predecessors or prior experiences that we could refer to. Started it from scratch, our team tried to build up the entire offshore RMB business workflow, which has latter become the market standard. Throughout the entire process, I have learned profoundly about the overall operations of the bank and larger financial market. Such experience has been remarkably useful to me when I conducted sales pitches later on, and enabled me to grow professionally.

    Attitude and problem solving competencies are the key successful factors. This is the sincere advice I would like to give to all graduates who want to join our Bank. Regardless you are a new joiner or a department head, for sure you would face various kinds of challenges during your work; here, steadfastness in willing to take up challenges, upholding the can-do and sacrificing spirit, are the cornerstone to success.

    And now the regional expansion into the South East Asia market has become Bank of China (HK)’s new business development strategy. This is definitely a golden opportunity, we all look forward to your participation!


    Charles Wong
    Operation Manager
    Bank-wide Operation Department
    Management Trainee 2011

    Bank of China (HK) cherishs every individuals and focus on talent development

    It's my eighth year with Bank of China (HK) after my graduation. Thanks to the all-rounded training Programme offered by the Bank, I was given a lot of opportunities and all of these are definitely helpful in fostering my personal growth and career development.

    Bank of China (HK) treasures every staff member and devotes lots of resources to talent development. Management Trainee Programme provides mentioring, under which mentors give tremendous support to their respective mentees. I take great pleasure and honour to have a charismatic mentor who generously shared with me his valuable experiences and insights, which gave me countless inspirations for my development.

    The department allows me to adopt what I have learnt in the campus to real situation. Also, I was given valuable chance to participate in team leading and HR management. Apart from my daily work, I have joined different CSR activities, such as the charitable and volunteer services. I have benefited a lot from these experiences.

    With a clear career development path, I will continue to enhance my professionalism and management skills with the Bank's guidance, and work hard to become a promising managerial executive in the banking industry.


    Ivan Lee
    Senior Business Strategy Manager
    Personal Banking and Product Management
    Officer Trainee 2003

    Embrace the Challenge. Grasp the Exciting Opportunities.

    I joined Bank of China (HK) right after my graduation from the university. Despite graduating from the degree Programme of Business Administration, the complexity and diversity of banking industry was far beyond my imagination. Gratefully, if I was a blank page back then, the drawing page is now filled with colours.

    My career blossomed at one of the branches. Upon completion of several job rotations at frontline, I was able to consolidate and grow insights towards towards the retail products and service models. I was then nominated by the Bank to be one of the contestants in the “Outstanding Financial Planners Award”, hosted by “the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers”, in which I obtained the “Gold Award”. I was later being selected to join a three-month exchange Programme in Shanghai and Qingdao, which excitingly deepened my understanding towards the financial industry in the Mainland, far earlier than my peers.

    Then I made some significant moves in my career by turning myself from frontline to teams in the middle office, shouldering responsibilities on strategic development, product analysis and customer acquisition. All these have vastly enriched my exposure. Given the borad business platform of Bank of China (HK), our colleages do enjoy a large room for career enrichment through internal hires and promotions – discovering and developing potentials. Embrace the challenges; you’ll see all the exciting opportunities ahead.


    Kera Kong
    Strategic Planner
    Economics and Strategic Planning Department
    Officer Trainee 2010

    Bank of China (HK) – Enables you to embark on a truly professional career development

    I have been engaged in RMB related work since I joined Bank of China (HK). I was privileged to have participated in six out of ten years of the offshore RMB market development. It’s made me almost witnessed the process of RMB transforming from a local currency to an international and reserve currency. Endeavored to be our corporate, institutional and individual customers’ “Best Choice for All RMB Needs”, Bank of China (HK) is also the world’s first offshore RMB clearing bank with extensive experience in RMB businesses, and one of the market makers in the offshore market.

    With the privilege to be part of the RMB Business Division allows me to explore plentiful opportunities to introduce Hong Kong’s RMB business development experiences to various stakeholders around the world. It’s genuinely a great platform that enables me to embark on a truly professional career development.

    Our Vision, Mission and Values (VMV)


    We believe that a strong corporate culture inspires passion among employees in what they do. In order to reach a higher level of business performance, new vibrancy has to be injected into our corporate culture. After careful formulation and thorough discussion, the Board approved the Group's Vision, Mission and Core Values (VMV), the bedrock of our corporate culture, in 2004. With this initiative, we have embarked on building a coherent and bank-wide corporate culture and spirit that will motivate us and move us forward in the 21st century.

    Our Vision is to be YOUR PREMIER BANK

    Our Mission is to:

    • Build customer satisfaction and provide quality and professional service
    • Offer rewarding career opportunities and cultivate staff commitment
    • Create values and deliver superior returns to shareholders

    Our Core Values are:

    • Social Responsibility - We care for and contribute to our communities
    • Performance - We measure results and reward achievement
    • Integrity - We uphold trustworthiness and business ethics
    • Respect - We cherish every individual
    • Innovation - We encourage creativity 
    • Teamwork - We work together to succeed

    Combining the initials of Mission and Core Values, we have "Bank of China (HK) SPIRIT" - a simple yet powerful message that all our employees can identify with and work together as a team towards corporate goals.

    How to apply

    Bank of China

    Recruitment Process

    1. Online Application

    You are required to complete an online application by providing your personal details, academic background, work experience, records of extra-curricular activities, professional qualifications as well as any special skills that you possess.

    2. Online Assessments

    Should you be short-listed in the first-round selection, you will be required to complete an online assessment within a prescribed timeframe to demonstrate your verbal, numerical and logical reasoning abilities.

    3. Assessment Centre

    You will be invited to participate in our assessment centre if you performed satisfactorily in the online assessments. The half-day assessment is specially designed to evaluate your level of competencies based on our competency requirements.

    If you pass our Assessment Centre, you will be invited to join our Graduate Programme and commerce your career journey with us starting in the second quarter of 2017.

    At the same time, if you excel in the Assessment Centre, you will be invited to latter parts of MT assessment.

    4. Personality Questionnaire

    The questionnaire is a personality based assessment, you will be required to complete an online questionnaire within a prescribed timeframe to uncover your thinking, interpersonal and emotional styles, providing us with in-depth insights of your potential performance at work.

    5. Panel Interview

    Executives from our core business units and HR will form an interview panel to pose to you challenging questions. We wish to know your career aspirations and your motivation to join the Bank, as well as your unique experiences.

    If you pass our panel interview, you will be given an offer to join our MT Programme which shall commence in the third quarter of 2016.



    Management Trainee Programme(MT)

    Graduate Programme(GP)

    Academic Requirement

    Bachelor’s degree holder with at least upper second honours by 2017

    Bachelor’s degree holder with at least lower second honours by 2017

    Years of Work Experience

    Preferred with less than 3 years of work experience

    Only fresh graduates are accepted

    Language Abilities

    Proficient in both English and Chinese. Fluency in Cantonese or  Mandarin is required

    Other Requirements

    • Excellent organizational and planning competence
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    • Outstanding analytical and leadership qualities
    • Dynamic, self-motivated, passionate, commitment to excellence and strong team spirit
    • Possess the curiosity to learn and grow
    • Good self-awareness knowing the picture of his/her passion, strengths and room of development

    Campus promotion schedule

    Career Talk
    OCT 11ST    16:30 - 17:30PM
    OCT 12ND   12:30 - 13:30PM
    OCT 13RD   16:00 - 17:00PM
    POLY U
    OCT 14TH   12:45 - 13:45PM
    LING U
    OCT 17TH   16:30 - 17:30PM
    OCT 19TH   11:30 - 12:30PM
    CITY U
    OCT 21ST   15:30 - 16:30PM
    Career Fair
    POLY U
    OCT 28TH   11:00 - 18:00PM
    NOV 1ST     11:00 - 14:00PM

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