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Welcome to the BT Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa Graduate website. It's an exciting time to be part of BT Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa region, and we're looking for talented graduates to help us succeed.

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The Graduate Program

The Graduate Program

Welcome to the BT Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa Graduate website.

It's an exciting time to be part of BT Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa region, and we're looking for talented graduates to help us succeed.

We're now open for applications for our September 2014 intake.

Business Management Programme

You'll spend two years doing a rotational programme, which will give you the chance to experience different areas and build a clearer picture of where you want to take your career.

Here's a snapshot of what you could experience:

Project Management

This could involve developing contracts for our major corporate suppliers or bringing new products and services to market. You'll develop your leadership skills and the ability to balance the competing demands of time, cost, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Business Improvement

In helping to implement change across our business, you'll need to understand the impact that technology can have on a business, develop a broad, yet in-depth knowledge of BT, have a strong problem-solving ability, and an eye for detail.

Business Consultancy

You'll be helping our corporate customers manage strategic business change from the redesign of their business processes to finding ways to improve the way they work. You'll need to be confident, adaptable, and have excellent communication and influencing skills.

Client Engagement

Covering the whole client life-cycle from initial contact through to delivery, it's all about enriching our face-to-face relationships with our largest customers. You'll need strong communication skills, commercial awareness and be passionate about improving the end-to-end service to our customers.

Training and Development

It's your career, you decide where and how far you go. But we'll give you all the support you need to get there - whether it's training, career advice or encouragement. Our core graduate training is made up of up to 20 days' training across the two year programme. Here are a few examples of the types of courses you can expect to take while you're on the programme.

Leadership Week

Spend time learning core leadership skills. You'll learn about yourself; how you cope under pressure, and what your leadership style is. And you'll learn how to work in teams under pressure and achieve results through people. Our graduates tell us this is one of the best courses they've ever been on.

Presentation Skills

Spend two days on an intensive presentation skills course, learning the fundamentals of delivering good presentation and receiving real time feedback on your performance. We'll even video you so that you can see how you come across to others and take away some really specific ways to improve.

Coaching and Performance Essentials

We'll start to prepare you early for leading teams and managing people, equipping you with the basic skills you'll need to effectively manage and inspire the teams you work with to deliver great results. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Improve your communication style and develop the skills to communicate in a way that is straightforward and impactful through our one day communication skills course.

Commercial and Financial Awareness

Even if you don't want to work in Finance, an awareness of how a business works and the commercial and financial management of organisations is a great asset as you develop your career into a leadership role. Our two day course helps you to understand the basis of financial and commercial management.

360° Feedback

Get a snapshot of your strengths and skills, and see what impact you have on our business and the people around you. It's a great way to see what your key strengths are, and what your development areas are for the future.

Graduate Knowledge Sharing

Our grads gain a significant amount of skills through their own knowledge sharing and coaching networks, focussing on things like Excel and Powerpoint skills, business and industry knowledge and the BT portfolio - we actively encourage our graduates to work as a community and develop knowledge sharing and coaching relationships with each other.

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The World of BT

Who We Are

BT Global Services is a networked IT Services business that operates globally and delivers locally to help our customers succeed.

We have a unique breadth of scope, reach and capability. We bring together communications and networked IT products and services securely and efficiently.

We understand networks. We build and run them to deliver the applications critical to our customers success. We deliver with innovation and dedication. By managing their networked IT services, customers are freed to get on with making their business flourish.

BT in Asia Pacific

We have been operating in Asia Pacific since 1985. Today we employ 4,000 people across 20 offices.

We serve more than 500 major customers in the region including: Air China, Anglo American, CLSA, Deutsche Post DHL, Haier, HCL, Hitachi, Microland, Nestle, PepsiCo, PernodRicard Asia, Proctor & Gamble, Serco, and Unilever.

In 2010, we set an ambitious, three-year investment programme - to double the size of our business and to support the increasing number of global multinational organisations expanding into the region, as well as local multinationals going global.

The US$78m investment included 300 new people, the setting up of six new customer technology showcases, and adding 20 new products and services to the portfolio. In 2013, we announced further investment in the region with 400 new jobs being created.

As a result, our Asia Pacific business has grown over 20% year-on-year - more than double the market rate. In addition, new order signings have grown 85% year-on-year.

BT in the Middle East and North Africa

BT has been serving customers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for more than 30 years. In 2006, Dubai was established as our sales and technical support hub for MENA, a region stretching from Morocco at its western end to Pakistan in the east. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, BT operates through BT Al Saudia, a joint venture with HRM Prince Dr.Abdulaziz bin Sattam bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and a key partner to BT's strategy in the region.

BT supplies a core set of networked IT services such as managed global IP services, unified communications and convergence services, managed security and risk resilience services, managed CRM platforms, sector-specific professional services, and outsourcing to multinational organisations and international institutions.

BT MENA currently employs over 100 ICT professionals serving more than 300 major customers in the MENA market.

In the region, BT has been successful in proactively supporting the development of its major multinational customers and in helping the fast-growing regional airlines industry expanding globally.

BT is committed to enabling the region's telecoms operators achieve their competitive and expansion objectives. As such, BT provides services to transform their organisations into agile customer-focused companies. In 2008 EBTIC, BT's Innovation Centre in the region in collaboration with Etisalat and Khalifa University was launched.

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Hear from our graduates

Current Asia Pacific Graduates


Levina Mahardja - Sydney

Joining BT as a graduate has been an amazing way to kick start my career. During the two year programme, I've had the chance to rotate around the business and work with different teams. This has provided me with a good exposure and understanding about what we do. The graduate community is a great support during the programme. Rolling off the programme, there were a lot of options, depending on your interests. I ended up moving to different country and working in a field that is totally different from my education background.

Maurice Bay - Singapore

Being on a graduate leadership and development programme is a huge plus for me. You rotate around different departments, giving you the opportunity to try different roles and learn different skills in a huge company.

I especially loved our leadership training during our first year on the Programme. We spent a whole week doing various team-building exercises and developing our people management skills.

The graduate community is amazing too, creating a great network both socially and professionally.


Jasmine Park - Hong Kong

I graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, studying a Dual Degree in Logistics, Engineering and Business Management. My current rotation is in Global Service Management where we look after our clients and help them fulfil business needs as we grow our partnerships in Asia.

There are two things I really enjoy about the graduate programme: 1. We have great exposure to senior management team and can learn how important decisions are made in business organisation. 2. The people at our work place are very friendly and always willing to help, even though I often ask silly questions! Having great people to work with is what really gets you to wake up in the morning.


Albert Chan - Hong Kong

I graduated from the University of York for my Bachelor's degree with a degree in Economics and Politics. I have also attained a Master's degree from the School of Oriental African Studies, with a Masters in Science in Globalisation and Development.

I am currently working Business Operations. My current role spars across various areas, from audit and contract compliance, overseeing cost saving exercises to identifying and understanding account and product opportunities within the Asia Pacific region. With the opportunity to work on four different rotations across various departments, I am able to get a detailed understanding of the business and the industry from a variety of perspectives, be challenged within each placement of work and become a better all rounded individual.

The greatest thing about BT is the culture and the people. People from various, diverse backgrounds and cultures come together and will be always willing to help you. They put their heart and soul to the BT community. You will see this come to fruition from the first week, by travelling to see BT in the United Kingdom for induction week. Like minded graduates from all corners of the globe, come together to share their experiences, excitement and get an in-depth understanding of the company from the leaders of the organisation.

Most importantly, we get to understand how we could make a difference to an ambitious, multi-cultural and customer oriented organisation. It does not end there. With a leadership week to train your leadership skills as part of the training and development, the BT Business Management Programme is a scheme not to be missed.

Celia Xu - China

I graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a double Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics. In addition, I attained my Masters in Finance from the University of Glasgow. I'm currently based in the BT Beijing office, providing assistance to the Regional Director of North China and the sales team. My daily job routine responsibilities include following up on sales orders and helping to create new pipelines opportunities and sales updates. I have also provided support to different sales programmes as well, such as the Ningxia eHealth Program and the Avic Trust Bid Program.

What I like best about the graduate programme are the rotational opportunities to try out different roles from a wide variety of business units. This two-year graduate program offers four different roles, so I can easily build up my work experience, develop various skills and gain industry knowledge, and most importantly, I can identify which area of work I am passionate about.

BT's diverse working culture allows me to work with people around the world, from where I could see how the business develop from each region and learn how people work together remotely. I enjoy working in the BT Beijing office very much with a lot of support and help from my colleagues!


Taffany Leung - Hong Kong

I graduated from University College London, after completing my BSc in Psychology. I am currently in my third rotation in Business Management for Global Banking & Financial Markets. Specifically, I've been involved in planning and executing a new go to market initiative. It has been a fantastic means to get involved in various aspects of the business - from how marketing plans are drafted up, to communicating with the wider company.

What I like best about the graduate programme is the rotational experience, exposure to senior management and leadership training. I have worked in Business Operations and Human Resources for my first two rotations and it's great getting a hands on feel for what each team needs to deliver. Our senior management has been welcoming and supportive from the first day and we have had multiple roundtable sessions from our country leaders.

My highlights from the programme were leadership week training and presenting at an external Human Resource conference. We had five days of off-site training, and I became more self-aware in what I wanted to develop and doing team building activities with BT graduates from across the global was fantastic building our networks. My opportunity to presenting externally with my line manager was also a testimony to me on how you can push and develop yourself during this program and beyond.

Violet Jiang - Hong Kong

One thing I love about this programme is that the company really welcomes and values new ideas from us graduates. We were asked to sit in on senior meetings and provide our thoughts and insights, and been given the opportunity to run company-wide events.

Everyone, including the very senior managers, are helpful, cheerful and ready to give advice. The graduate programme is well-structured, and BT provides a lot of resources that we can use to help improve ourselves. I am having a great time working in this truly global company, and I look forward to stretching myself and exploring my potential in the rest of the programme.

Philip McManus - Hong Kong

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a double major in Global Business and Management. I have held internships in several companies before joining BT, including National Australia Bank and Morgan Stanley.

I joined BT Global Services because of the incredible opportunities it offers. Globally, and in Asia Pacific BT Global Services is an industry leader and highly respected brand, working alongside global financial institutions, international logistics companies, and some of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, among other multinational corporations.

Since joining BT, the Graduate Programme has given me consistent exposure to senior leaders across the business. It gives graduates the opportunity to drive our own careers, and find out what we truly want to do through four rotations over two years. Graduates are given a huge amount of support and training by the business.

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