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Financial Technology Department Content Operation Assistant

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The Programme 


As a technology-driven department for wealth management, the Fintech Department is mainly responsible for overall planning and coordination to achieve IT-based wealth management. It designs, develops and deploys intelligent investment advisers, provides with retail clients with intelligent assistance in service and wealth management, plans and designs online business platforms and internal management platforms. The Fintech Department also develops wealth management platforms which integrate "product sales, wealth investment consulting and asset allocation" into one body, and provides data mining, system construction, process design, trace recording and other technical support which are needed for wealth management. 


  • 跟踪资本市场热点,整合公司研究成果,参与相关投资专题的内容策划及报告撰写Tracking hotspots in the capital market, integrating the Company's research results, and participating in the content planning and report writing of related investment themes.
  • 协助进行金融相关数据的收集及整理,参与投资策略及数据资讯产品的研发Assisting in the collection and collation of financial data and participating in the research and development of investment strategies and data and information products.
  • 基于用户标签、账户分析等逻辑,参与内容分发模型的设计及优化Participating in the design and optimization of content distribution models based on user personas and account analysis logic.

Required Skills and Abilities 

  • 国内2021年应届生及海外2020/2021年毕业生,全日制硕士及以上学历的在校生2021 Master and PhD graduates from domestic universities and 2020/2021 Master and PhD graduates from overseas universities.
  • 对金融及市场研究有浓厚兴趣,对金融数据敏感Strong interest in finance and market research, and be sensitive to financial data.
  • 具备良好的文字表达能力、快速学习能力、逻辑分析能力Outstanding skills in communication, quick learning, and logical analysis abilities.
  • 具有数据、量化专业资格者优先考虑Data and quantitative qualifications preferred.
  • 做事认真细致,有耐心,责任心较强,正直诚信Detail-oriented, patient, responsible, and honest. 
Closed 12 days ago
Closed 12 days ago
  • Job type:Graduate Jobs
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    Beijing (China)

  • Closing Date:18th Oct 2020, 6:00 pm


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