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Coremail is the affiliate of netease (Nasdaq: NTES). Technologies and services company focused on email, products covered by the mail system, enterprise email (the former is easy to enterprise email), mail archive system, delivery system, such as cloud image accelerate overseas. Clients included the news office of the state council, the state ministry of science and technology, national ministry of finance, the Chinese academy of sciences, tsinghua university, Beijing university, the people's bank of China, construction bank, bank of communications, China resources group, southern power grid, midea group, etc.

The Coremail technology team includes a large number of Chinese email veteran technical experts who have accumulated a large number of patent technologies over the years. The Coremail system is certified by the national security system of China information security assessment center, EAL2, and the safety and security assessment center of the state security bureau.

Coremail email system began to develop in 1999, is China's first set of Chinese mail system, currently in mainland China has more than 800 million end users, netease, language, etc. The operator has to use the mail system, also is the government, institutions, science and education, enterprise institutions such as use of mail system.

Surplus of the enterprise email (the former is easy to enterprise email) safe, stable and efficient, for various industries have personalized solutions, especially for large enterprise collectivization management email requirements.

The guangdong company computer technology co., LTD., headquartered in guangzhou, in Beijing, Shanghai, wuhan, chengdu, xian, jinan, shenyang, hangzhou, xiamen and other places have a branch.

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