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Chinese Language Program

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”– Frank Smith

Language is the backbone of any society. We are literally and figuratively immersed in it. It governs all aspects of work and life. A country such as China, with its rich culture, has an equally classic language system. Mandarin is currently the world’s most widely spoken language with over 1 billion speakers.

With CRCC Asia you can choose a 1 or 2 month intensive Chinese Language Program in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen. The course places you in lessons with engaging and professional instructors while life in China will expose you to common nuances and colloquialisms, making you more proficient and confident with your newly gained skills.

Learning another language is an incredibly enriching experience and is a skill all employers’ value. Regardless of your chosen career path in life having even basic proficiency in Mandarin is of the highest advantage as the world economy and most sectors are moving towards a very China-centric base. As one of our most popular programs, it will enable you to gain a level of knowledge and appreciation of the Chinese culture and language which isn’t possible learning Mandarin outside of China.

CRCC Asia’s Chinese Language Program package provides:

  • 20 classes a month*
  • Cultural events
  • Opportunity for one-on-one study
  • Pre-departure information and support
  • Visa
  • Airport pickup and an introduction to China and your chosen city
  • Accommodation in serviced apartments
  • Social and cultural events
  • Business and Networking events
  • Ongoing support from local offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen

*Due to Airport Pickup and Induction Day activities please note that during your first month on our Chinese Language Program you will receive a total of 17 days of classes, which increases to 20 days of classes in subsequent months.

China Internship + Travel 

Spend one or two months gaining experience as an intern in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen before commencing the epic 20-day adventure we call ‘The Dragon Trip.’After working hard for one or two months, the 20 day tour of China at the end of your internship allows time to relax and have some well-deserved fun alongside friends made during your internship. Having previously experienced the huge and rapidly developing cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen or Beijing, you will have the chance to see other parts of China, where the places and people can be extremely different.

The Dragon Trip visits 8 locations across China and includes the unmissable sights. You will hike a deserted section of the Great Wall to watch the sunrise, encounter the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an and visit a panda breeding centre in Chengdu. The trip also stops at incredible off-the-beaten-track locations such as a mountain farm surrounded by waterfalls in the heart of wild panda country, an orphanage near the Shaolin Monastery (home of Kung Fu), which is home to children lost on China’s Railways, and Yangshuo where you can raft on the river or swim in the crystal clear lagoons of a bamboo nature reserve.

Business and Finance Program

It can be argued that no country in history has seen economic growth on the scale China has experienced in the past three decades. After having successfully transitioned from a state-driven agricultural base to a capitalist market economy, China has enjoyed an average GDP growth rate of 9.2% over the past 4 years – a feat hardly any country can boast. Said to surpass the US and become the world’s largest economy by 2030, the Chinese business and financial structure has been going from strength to strength since its inclusion in the WTO in 2001.

As China is becoming increasingly important, knowledge of its business and financial systems become essential for success as an employee and future employer. Companies worldwide are looking for individuals who understand and are able to negotiate the tendrils of China’s unique business environment.  

In undertaking CRCC Asia’s Business and Finance Program you will:

  • Learn about the Chinese capital markets and the development of finance in China
  • Get ahead in the competitive world of international business and finance
  • Develop your ability to speak with confidence about China’s financial markets
  • Gain exposure to Chinese Business skills
  • Develop your knowledge and confidence to engage with Chinese clients in your career
  • Demonstrate your commitment to understanding international business and finance
  • Experience finance in China’s Political and Economic Capitals – Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen
  • Develop connections with industry professionals, expanding your business network

Alongside the acquisition of knowledge in the Chinese business and financial markets, this course will be an asset to your CV and development career.


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