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At Huawei, you can enjoy a colorful life, and have a loving family Heart-warming Activities in Spring March wakes everything up and ushers in Spring with the bloom of flowers. On International Women's Day, women get half a day off and receive lovely presents. Their male colleagues will also prepare a host of surprises for them. Some departments will also hold beauty contests to celebrate this special day.

3+1 Program

The 3+1 program encourages employees to "make a friend", "join in a sports activity", "take up a hobby", and "read a thought-provoking book". In March each year, Huawei holds the 3+1 program for a week – you can expect a greeting card from managers and gifts from colleagues. Also, all employees get involved in a plank competition! These activities are designed to create a healthy and relaxed working environment.

Voice of Huawei

Huawei hosts Voice of Huawei from July to September each year. This popular event attracts many talented young employees, and the set design and lighting evoke the Voice of China. This music festival creates an audio-visual treat for all Huawei employees. Music makes life that much sweeter!

New Year's Eve Party

At the end of each year, a New Year's Eve party is thrown to reminisce about good memories and look forward to the future. Employees from all over the world embrace the New Year with singing and dancing.

Family Day

Family reunions have stepped out of private households and become an essential part of Huaweiers' lives. Each year, departments organize family days in various forms and invite employees' family members to experience Huawei's comfortable and healthy working environment.

Join Groups for a Colorful Life

Cultural and sports groups play a significant role in balancing employees' work and personal lives. Groups established by Huawei include basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, billiards, football, photography, painting, foreign languages, ballroom dancing, tai chi, film, and charity. Each regularly organizes activities and friendly competitions. You can choose those you're interested in to brighten up your spare time!

Departmental Activities

Huawei's straightforward approach to relationships will make you feel right at home. Departments organize activities on a regular basis, enabling employees to enjoy the sunshine, cool breeze, and the precious moments in life.

Staff Arts Center

Huawei Baicao Garden Club is the top choice for employees who love sport. Swimming, table tennis, basketball, badminton, a gym, and a dancing room are all on offer.

You can take chess, piano, or calligraphy lessons at the Staff Arts Center if you want to get more creative.


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