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What to Expect


What to Expect

During your three-year contract you are regarded as an Investec staff member. This status brings with it both rewards and responsibilities.

The Rewards

The Rewards

Executive sponsorship

Top management is committed to nurturing exceptional talent. So you can expect total support from those around you and one-on-one time with some of the legends of banking. They’ll be there to guide you, as long as you’re willing to grab the opportunity with both hands.

Freedom to discover your own path

Investec has a flat, non-hierarchical management structure that gives you the space to grow if you accept the challenge. In this environment your creativity, initiative and tenacity are always recognised and rewarded.

Employee status

You enjoy all the same benefits as a full-time employee. This includes the company’s provident fund, medical aid, group life, disability and accident insurance. These benefits further extend to salary increases, bonuses and share allocations.

The Responsibilities

The Responsibilities

Meeting the challenge

Investec offers you a challenging environment in which you will work independently, as well as in teams. With a hunger to learn and a drive to excel you will work out the ‘how’ of completing allocated tasks. You’ll need to rely on your own wits and initiative to meet the challenge.

Sharing success

At Investec, success is not achieved by individuals. Our organisation is driven by individuals collaborating across and within business units. You need to be a team player, and work equally well on your own.


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