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Jardine Matheson

An opportunity for Greatness

A job is simply what you do today; a career defines who you’ll become tomorrow.

For the energetic and enterprising Jardines has the career path for you. 

Experience <Be second to none>

Experience a unique career opportunity unmatched by any other company in Asia. You’ll be exposed to our various businesses, the myriad of people who comprise them and experience a level of mentorship and involvement from our senior executives to ensure you’ll realize your leadership potential. It’s a career you’ll love and one the world will recognize. 

Community Engagement

At Jardines you aren’t joining a company for the job; you’re joining a community for a career. And our sense of community pervades throughout the Company and beyond. You’ll be intimately involved in organizations like the Jardine Sports Association, designed to help build relations across our entire Group, and the Ambassador Programme which strives to make positive contributions to the communities we work in.

Tradition of Excellence

180-years in Asia, 350,000 employees and one very successful business track record. Throughout our history, we’ve fostered the highest standards, meaning you’re joining an organization of which you can be proud. There are few places in Asia which have not been touched by Jardines, and as the Company continues to grow, so will its reputation and the profiles of our people. 

Leadership Development

Growing leaders is something we are very good at. After all, we have been doing it for nearly two centuries. However, the best leaders do not grow by themselves. They are hand-picked, then developed. This is the purpose of our Graduate Schemes and the Jardine Leadership Development Plan which systematically builds general managers who, over time, have the potential to lead one of our larger businesses.


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