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Why choose Moore Stephens?

Moore Stephens is ranked 11th in South Africa and 13th internationally by the International Accounting Bulletin. We are a fast-growing network of companies with a modern, innovative and dynamic approach to the profession that is attracting exceptional staff and a diverse client base from entrepreneurial clients to listed companies.

The diverse and complex level of work to which you will be exposed at Moore Stephens will help you to realise your potential, showcase your talents, and to identify your career path.

Moore Stephens offers competitive remuneration and once you've joined Moore Stephens we do everything we can to ensure that your time with us is happy and productive.

Professional and challenging work

Moore Stephens is known internationally for providing outstanding levels of service that extend beyond the numbers. Our partners and staff know that accounting excellence is a good starting point, but it’s the human touch that really makes the leap between a good company and a great one.

True value is not only measured by figures. Our clients like the passion and client commitment they see.

Real challenges inspire the teams at Moore Stephens – We constantly strive to provide the most accurate, smart and workable solutions for our clients.

Moore Stephens places value on our personalised service, and our dynamic and modern approach continues to energise the industry.

And, size does matter! Training with a mid-tier company like Moore Stephens will give you:

  • More exposure to a wider variety of assignments
  • Direct communication with directors
  • The opportunity to develop managerial skills
  • The ability to make a difference
  • You won’t be just a name and number on a file somewhere at HR

These are the reasons why Moore Stephens South Africa continues to attract exceptional staff and a diverse client base – from successful entrepreneurial clients to listed companies.

Training and development opportunities

Many CAs have similar qualifications, but it’s the quality of your work experience at Moore Stephens that will set you apart from the rest!

At Moore Stephens we value our staff and invest in the future of our graduates. You will be provided with quality internal and external training, active mentoring and exposed to a diverse range of business sectors and accounting skills. We receive top national ratings from SAICA for our training programmes. This will broaden your knowledge, make you wiser in business and help you develop into a unique and sought after CA. We believe in the ‘See, Do, Teach’ philosophy and in your getting your hands dirty. Our approach has proven successful to many practicing CAs out there.

Our Internal training includes:

  • SAICA outcomes based training of business skills
  • Technical skills
  • Personal skills
  • Academic support

Our External training includes:

  • National School of Accounting (NSOA)
  • PROBETA Training Institute
  • Seminars Specialist tax training
  • Individual’s interests also addressed

Your training is a journey, and like all journeys, you need to put in hours of work and preparation before you jet off to your chosen destination. There will always be routine safety checks that cannot be escaped – that’s part of maintaining professionalism in our industry, but it’s the level of excellence at Moore Stephens that will make you fly!

Join our team – you will realise your potential with us!

Open and friendly environment

Graduates often describe their first experience with Moore Stephens as 'refreshingly different'.

You will be happily surprised at the unconventional and relaxed ‘open-door’ approach of the partners – from the way they interview you to the way they walk into client meetings and deal with their business challenges.

You are given the freedom to approach partners and to address issues and it’s this casual yet respectful and professional relationship that makes you feel more in place and not like partners are above you.

Yes, sometimes it is pressured, but at Moore Stephens you’ll have strong support from the senior staff and partners. The difference with Moore Stephens is that, at the end of the day, you know you are going to make it. You know that the tough times are about being ‘en route’ – knowing your destination makes it worthwhile.


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