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Intern - January 2022 - Computer Science/Engineering - Software Development

The Programme

Our organization (Equipment Development Engineering) develops automation equipment for the Media factory in Woodlands. In addition, we also develop software for managing cassette dispatch in an automated line of work cells. For R&D projects, we develop high precision process control systems for media production. 

What You Will Do

You will - Develop new or existing software packages with focus on data algorithms. 

Possible Projects:

Project #1 - Data visualization and Predictive forecast of cassette demand for line dispatch:

  • Understand Data Collection and Decision making involved in the Automation Line Dispatch.
  • Collect data and implement interactive data visualization.
  • Implement required framework for data analytics, modeling, and prediction for the cassette demand.
  • Client/Server, web and mobile development for data visualization. 

Project #2 - Python algorithm to generate equally distributed points at s specific patterns of region:

  • This is an extension of a research program that uses CVT algo to generate equally. distributed points for precision printing.
  • This algorithm needs further optimization for uniform points pattern.
  • This algorithm needs further development to generate uniform points in a specific region of interest.
  • This is a development in C# and Python3. 

Project #3 - Manual MAD:

For the new system on Manual MAD, you need to develop an application in C# and MSMQ, for managing user input, and managing cassette assignment to the work cell, though dynamic cassette demand and order from the line. 

Project #4 - LabelInfoServer:

This is an existing application developed in Java that retrieves and sends cassette information from/to the line work cell. It requires development in the frontend GUI interface. 

Project #5 - OEE development on SXTS and MDWA Line:

This is a new application - Choice of web development or client/server base. It collects E10 status of equipment from the line and calculates the relevant OEE statistics. 

Required Skills and Abilities

  • Familiar with SQL database.
  • Familiar with windows/web-based technology for data visualization.
  • Familiar with Python2, Python3, PythonNet, IronPython and other python libraries.
  • Familiar with data preprocessing, data visualization and analytics, mathematical algorithms.
  • Familiar with windows development in C# or Java.
  • Familiar with containers like GlassFish.
  • Familiar with GUI or frontend development. 

Your experience includes:

  • VB or C# for client/ server development.
  • Python for data analytics.
  • C# / Java for data visualization.
  • Java for web service development.
  • Bachelors and/or equivalent experience.
  • Academic or intern experience in automation or MES systems. 
Closed 8 days ago
Closed 8 days ago
  • Job type:Internships
  • Disciplines:

    Computer Science, Engineering Software, Information Technology

  • Citizenships:

  • Locations:

    Singapore (Singapore)

  • Closing Date:9th Oct 2021, 6:00 pm


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