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A place to Be More


A place to Be More

Shoprite Group as an employer Shoprite Group is more than just a group that provides food and household items.

By providing these food and household items in a first-world shopping environment, at the Group’s lowest possible prices, we are also contributing to the nurturing of stable economies and the social upliftment of people in all our countries.

And when it comes to our people, the Group is looking for people who also demand more.

People with intelligence, energy, loyalty and fearless natures who refuse to settle for the status quo.

People who want more for themselves, their family, their community and their country.

We expect more from our people, but with our size, economic power, can-do attitude, dedication to sustainability, and of course our outstanding Learning and Development curricula we also have what it takes to give you more, so you can do more, and be more.

Our people philosophy

  • If you see yourself as not just your job title
  • If you are bigger than others give you credit for
  • If you’re willing to tackle every opportunity
  • If you seek more challenges, more independence, more experience and more knowledge
  • If you refuse to play it small

Then Shoprite Group has all the opportunities you need to Be More

And by rolling up your sleeves and living your life to its fullest capacity you can now also do more for your family, your community and your country.


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