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Sony is known for creating products and entertainment that enrich people's lives. Through Sony Corporation of America and its operating companies, we are equally dedicated to improving people's lives.Our commitment extends to helping our local communities, investing in the education of children, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment, providing necessary support when large-scale disasters strike, and encouraging employee volunteerism.

Our strategic philanthropic and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are aligned to reflect the diverse interests of our key businesses and focus on several distinct areas: education; arts and culture; civic and community outreach; sustainability and the environment; and disaster relief, with an emphasis on volunteerism in each of those areas.

The notion of corporate citizenship and the spirit of philanthropy are deeply embedded in the culture of Sony in America. We're proud of the programs and partnerships that have touched countless lives throughout the U.S. and of the thousands of Sony employees who have given generously of themselves in support of our goals.

At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can.Creating unique new cultures and experiences.

Everything we do, is to move you emotionally.


Sony is committed to strong corporate governance. As a part of this effort, in 2003, Sony adopted the "Company with Committees" corporate governance system under the Companies Act of Japan.In addition to complying with the requirements of applicable governance laws and regulations,Sony has introduced its own requirements to help improve the soundness and transparency of its governance by strengthening the separation of the Directors' function from that of management and by advancing the proper functioning of the statutory committees. Under Sony's system, the Board of Directors defines the respective areas for which each of the Corporate Executive Officers is responsible and delegates to them decision-making authority to manage the business, thereby promoting the prompt and efficient management of the Sony Group.


As a global leader in the consumer electronics and entertainment industries, Sony is fully committed to responsible corporate citizenship and environmental stewardship through its products, its programs, its practices and its people. Sony strives to improve the quality of life of future generations by producing world-class products and entertainment in a manner that both protects and promotes a healthy and sustainable planet.

Sony’s goal, as set forth in its Road to Zero environmental plan, is to achieve a zero environmental footprint by the year 2050. In addition to its efforts to develop more energy-efficient products and technologies, promote a low-carbon and eco-conscious lifestyle among consumers, and deploy more sustainable business practices across our operations, the Company relies on its employees to help achieve ambitious environmental targets through its Global Environmental Management System, which promotes proper recycling and energy conservation at Sony sites around the world. All major Sony facilities are ISO 14001 certified and are dedicated to continuous improvements toward Green Management targets. In addition, SCA, SEL and Sony DADC are EPA Green power partners, listed as a top 30 tech and telecom company based on the aggregated use of renewable energy of 34,800mWh.

Innovative partnerships with non-profit organizations and educational institutions are also a core part of Sony’s environmental efforts. Nationally and internationally, Sony supports a wide range of environmental organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund (also known as the Worldwide Fund for Nature), the world’s leading conservation organization.

SCA also supports meaningful environmental programs through organizations such as the Wildlife Conservation Society, whose mission it is to save wildlife and wild places around the globe; and the Student Conservation Association, which provides students in the U.S. the opportunity to serve and protect national parks, forests and urban communities by engaging in year-round, hands-on environmental volunteer programs and initiatives.

In the U.S., Sony Corporation of America (SCA), Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and Sony Electronics (SEL) partner with the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) on the Sony-UCSB Media, Energy & Environment Alliance. This partnership involves support for the University’s Environmental Media Initiative, equipment for use by students of the Carsey-Wolf Center, membership in the University’s Institute for Energy Efficiency Industry Partners Program, and funding for a wide range of environmental media teaching and research projects.

Through SEL’s nationwide Take Back Program, the Company takes back and recycles any Sony product and/or packaging at no cost to the consumer. In fiscal year 2014, the Company collected over 50 million pounds of electronics wastes through the voluntary program and compliance channel. SEL’s headquarters in San Diego has been certified as a U.S. Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold building, and the Company is a Responsible Recycling Leaders participant, committing to use only recyclers certified by third parties for proper recycling. For distribution of products, SEL is the EPA’s SmartWay Shipper, employing carriers that are committed to reducing greenhouse gases. SEL is also a sponsor of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, which is dedicated to promoting public awareness and stewardship of wildlife and wildlife habitats through the innovative use of media. Locally, the Company also supports I Love a Clean San Diego, which provides environmental education events and programs for local residents. In 2015, SEL launched a sustainability initiative at its PGA golf tournament, the Sony Open in Hawaii, to identify and reduce its environmental footprint at the Open.

SPE is dedicated to integrating innovative, environmentally sound practices into its production processes and in the creation and distribution of its products around the world. It partners with a broad set of stakeholders, including its employee population, to find solutions to lower the studio’s overall environmental impact. SPE’s global employee base actively participates in SPE’s efforts through educational opportunities as well as employee-driven philanthropic grant and community programs. SPE also offers incentives to employees who choose to purchase a qualifying hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. The studio supports many environmentally-focused community organizations, including: the Los Angeles Conservation Corps, Heal the Bay and the Environmental Media Association, a non-profit organization that mobilizes the entertainment industry in educating people about environmental issues. SPE is also the largest contributor of materiel to Habitat for Humanity in the Los Angeles area, reusing and recycling countless sets from its productions to benefit the local community. Check out for more information on SPE’s sustainability goals and progress.


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