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Danah Maria Jaffar

University of Sydney

In the words of Michel Foucault; "I do not feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning."

Working in the Municipal of Envigado, in the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development allowed me to do just that. To learn, not just about my academic field of study but about myself which further enhanced my experience and allowed me to grow in every sense of the word.

I feel it suffice to say that every day was different. Every day was a challenge. But every challenge, I saw as an opportunity and, each opportunity led me to an incredible experience.

I also feel each experience is very much unique, and it was one of the main things I loved about interning through The Intern Group; as they're a relatively new enterprise, there is no such template of experiences one often gets with longer running companies. Talking with other interns, we'd all be surprised at how incredibly different our network and work dynamics were which I really appreciated. It was very much customised to each participant but at the same time, there was a very healthy and strong support system within the interns and The Intern Group.

Medellin, is a beautiful city I fell in love with. I always took care but always felt very safe. I feel that if you educate yourself on what the city is like, where is safe and where is not, and if you follow your intuition, you delve into an affluence off care. Public transport is really easy to take and the humanitarian culture is unlike any other; people are always willing to help. If ever you get lost, embrace the moment. It was on these occasions in which I discovered beautiful little places or met wonderful people. It's important to remember that every moment is a journey of exploration and discovery.

Everyone in Medellin is certain that it's the best place to live in the world, and thus, the energy is transcendent and one begins to not only feel it, but believe it. It's the smiles and landscapes, the history and joy which really do make it the City of Eternal Spring.

My experience with The Intern Group in Medellin, Colombia is one I wouldn't change for anything and one I'd recommend to everyone.

Thomas Mcnicol
University of Melbourne

“The company I’ve worked with is actually very relevant to my degree; it’s the kind of industry I’d love to work in. Extending your knowledge beyond what you’ve already learnt, you’re really trying to push yourself to understand things that you haven’t touched before. That opportunity has been invaluable.”

Pavlina Zdraveski
University of Technology, Sydney

“I think an international internship experience is really important because it gives you that added level of experience not only in the field that you work in but also at a personal level. You experience a completely different culture both in the way people live and their working culture. It’s really important to know how to interact with people and understand other peoples points of view, which is what an international internship experience gives you.”

Malissa Phey
Deakin University

“It’s great you learn so much. You get a hands on approach to a lot of things and definitely get thrown into the deep end. I’ve been asked a lot about my opinions and been given a lot more opportunity over here in Madrid with Sulitze Muñoz Arquitectos.”

Isabela Magalhaes


Claremont McKenna College

“I just wanted to take the time to formally thank you all for all you’ve done this summer. Intern London/The Intern Group truly surpassed my expectations of what an internship program could be. The fact that you guys are all so young and with such clear, ambitious visions for what you want people to get out of this program made all the difference. You didn’t stop at merely setting us up with invaluable internships. You made sure that we got the full experience, giving us a taste of what life in the UK is really like.  

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve raved to about this program: how you truly get your money’s worth and are well taken care of. It really is the perfect balance! Both Margie and I constantly said that we have no idea what we would’ve done had we not done this through Intern London.

Another Intern Group participant talks about her time in London, describing her Public Relations internship at internationally renowned luxury lifestyle PR firm Quintessentially:

“I really enjoy the variety because it keeps things interesting.

One of the highlights of my internship so far has been attending the events that my PR firm puts on. We do a lot of events with celebrities, a lot of brand launches and they’re all so much fun. Actually this week I was at a celebrity popup house and I saw Michael Phelps at one of my events so that was probably one of my best memories so far.”

Bre Finnigan
Monash University

“My advice for future for interns would be to make the most out of it, take every opportunity to learn from your boss and learn from people who have worked in your industry.”

Robert Jenney


MIT Graduate

“I can personally attest that this is an outstanding firm.  They have provided support the entire way through, offer excellent service and truly look after clients.  In Colombia, Johanna Molina, one of the firm’s co-founders and the country
director, has been truly impressive. She makes sure that each and every client’s experience is
outstanding.  I’ve seen her go the extra mile for clients, and in my
case, she found opportunities for me to speak before local business
leaders and network with local university professors.  I can’t say
enough about the level of engagement and support they provide – which
even extends to arranging trips and activities on the weekends.

The company places clients in great jobs as they have access to and
contacts with some outstanding companies.  I work at a boutique
investment bank called Estrategia en Accion, which was recently
started by an accomplished leader in corporate finance here in
Colombia. It’s been a great experience. Other folks in the program
have been placed in leading international firms sucn as InterBolsa,
Bolsa y Renta, Celfin Capital, and other firms.  Others have worked
for private companies in supply chain capacities, in IT and multiple other fields.  There are also many opportunities to work in the public sector in institutions such as the Ministry of Education and other
government ministries.  The caliber of clients is also very
impressive.  I recently said goodbye to a friend who attends Harvard
Business School and who worked at a start-up incubator here in Medellin, and other participants have come from Oxford, Harvard School
of Public Health and Erasmus University.”

Tiffany Bett
University of Wollongong

“Doing an international internship is a fantastic opportunity that makes you stand out in a crowd to future employers. I think it shows that you’re able to thrive and adapt to cultures and lifestyles that you might not necessarily come from. It’s really important in the globalizing world as everything is interconnected and you need to be able to adapt.”

Erik Stettler


Harvard MBA

“To those who are still debating whether to embark on an adventure with Intern Latin America/The Intern Group or to take whatever the safer option might be, I like to use what I call ‘the deathbed test’ for decisions like this. We are afforded just a few precious hours to explore this planet, and far more than we would like to think, a lot of these questions really do come down to what we would be on our deathbed wishing we’d done differently – will you wish you’d stayed at home and taken the internship in the city you already knew or that you’d ventured out to find out what a new country has to tell you about the world and yourself?

I really loved speaking with the main people behind Intern Latin America and there was a huge appeal to joining this international team of young people who were working very hard to promote global experience and awareness as well as Latin America’s place in the global economy. It’s very much a network that will come to include a highly diverse group of globally-minded people in many different parts of the world”. 


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