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Research and Development Mechanical Engineer

The Programme 

范德兰德是一家从事物流增值系统的全球市场领先企业,专注于机场行李处理自动化和快递包裹分拣自动化领域。公司同时也是仓储自动化解决方案的领先供应商。范德兰德行李处理系统每年在世界各地处理的行李数量达 37 亿件,相当于每天 1,010 万件。全球有 600 家机场(包括世界前 20 大机场中的 13 家)使用此行李处理系统。

全球领先的快递公司安装了范德兰德供应的系统,其系统每天分拣的包裹数量超过 3,900 万件。此外,全球众多大型电商巨头和配送公司都对范德兰德高效且可靠的解决方案充满信心。

我们注重优化客户的业务流程和提升客户的竞争实力。通过密切合作,力求改善他们的运营活动,提高他们的物流绩效。范德兰德广泛的集成解决方案产品组合(包括创新系统、智能软件和生命周期服务)可提供快速、可靠且高效的自动化技术。范德兰德成立于 1949 年,拥有超过 5,500 名员工,在各大洲的不同地点共同致力于推动客户的业务发展。 凭借超过14亿欧元持续增长的营业额,公司在过去六十年享誉全球,成为高度可靠的增值物流处理自动化系统合作伙伴。 


  • Design from a rough concept to a fully detailed product that is ready for production 从初步的构思开始设计产品到产品的最终成型 
  • Knows different design methods and techniques and applies these within the assignment.了解不同的设计方法并应用于设计中 
  • Transfer a concept into a design conform the VI design guidelines, e.g. Engineering Design Guide.根据公司的设计规范,有能力独立完全设计 
  • Realizes tests and validates the design keeping cost and operational risks in account.通过测试应证设计并对设计成本和风险控制 
  • Able to explain and present the design and design choices.有能力说明设计主体以及设计方案的确认的思路 
  • Able to write product related documentation in English能用英语对产品进行归档并描述 
  • Provide (correct) feedback in regard to design choices, planning and risks.提供设计方案的反馈,计划和风险评估 
  • Reliable in delivery and can adjust the (personal) planning where needed.在规定时间内完成工作,有必要时需自我调节工作计划 
  • Able to give early notice if planning is potentially at risk.如发现潜在风险需及时向上级汇报及时解决 
  • Able to provide technical knowledge and insight of the products application to solve a problem.了解产品知识和应用并有能力解决实际问题 
  • Understands the importance of quality and can deliver a constant high quality deliverables using the EDG as reference.了解质量意识的重要性,并以工作规范为参考进行高质量的设计
  • Able to share his knowledge and experience.在工作中有能力分享自已的知识和经验 

Required Skills and Abilities 

  • A relevant Mechanical Master’s degree.机械或相关本科学位以上 
  • Merit or above credits良或以上的学分  
  • Solid mechanical knowledge and capable to application过硬的机械知识并能够在实际中应用 
  • Know about some 3D software and capable to use one of them了解三维软件并有使用经验 
  • Basic knowledge of other disciplines is a bonus. For example, project engineering, hardware engineering and system controls.了解其他产品工程,硬件,或系统控制 
  • Able to speak, read and write in both Chinese and English fluently, CET 6 6级英文,可以正常交流,书面,写作 
  • Good communicational skills and easy going平易近人并有出色的沟通能力 
  • Eager to learn对知识的渴望 
  • Pro-active and self supporting in problem solving遇到问题有积极乐观的解决态度 
  • Creative有创造性思维 
  • Internationally oriented and able to work with different cultures.工作中与各国同事协作。 
Closed 9 months ago
Closed 9 months ago
  • Job type:Graduate Jobs
  • Disciplines:

    Engineering Electrical

  • Citizenships:

  • Locations:

    Shanghai (China)

  • Closing Date:20th Mar 2021, 6:00 pm


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