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Shanghai Yi fruit e-commerce company as a fresh business enterprises, from 2005 onwards committed to the quality of life-oriented urban high-end families to provide quality fresh ingredients. The company operating the "easy fruit fresh, global selection" electric business website operating fruit, vegetables, aquatic products, meat, eggs, food and beverage, desserts, wine, gift vouchers 8 major categories of 3200 kinds of products to " , Chilled, frozen fresh, live fresh "4 kinds of forms, full cold chain transport, fresh and fresh throughout the year delivery. Including room temperature products, including distribution services covering up to 367 cities. May 26, 2017, Alibaba Group and Eggs signed a "equity transfer contract", Alibaba Group to the easy fruit fresh acquisition of Lianhua Supermarket 18% of the domestic equity shares, becoming the second largest shareholder of Lianhua Supermarket.

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